How To Create A Front Porch You’ll Love All Year

How To Create A Front Porch You’ll Love All Year

By Jaclyn Crawford
How To Create A Front Porch You’ll Love All Year

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Large or small, a front porch is a dream for many homeowners. It’s a space where you can relax outside and enjoy your neighborhood. A front porch is a great place for friends and neighbors to gather on summer nights or stand out with Christmas décor.

Although, your front porch currently might not resemble that. If you haven’t put a lot of effort into decorating and maintaining your front porch, you may see it as more of an eyesore at this point. It’s time to fall in love with your porch again. Here are a few front porch ideas to turn it into a space you can enjoy.

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Front Porch Maintenance

Front Porch Maintenance

A porch you can enjoy starts with safety. Before you begin thinking about what decorative elements you want to include, inspect your porch for necessary repairs. Broken boards need to be replaced. If you haven’t spent time maintaining your porch and you’re seeing signs of aging, it’s time to make the repairs. The average cost to repair a deck is $1,357, with most homeowners spending between $857 and $1,408.

Front Porch Railing Ideas

Another safety feature that’s a must on your front porch is a railing. This prevents falls and accidents. Front porches that are higher than 30” must have at least a 36” railing. This abides to the international residential code, but you’ll also want to see what other local codes apply to your home.

However, front porch railings don’t have to be an eyesore. In fact, they can add curb appeal and make your porch seem charming. If you already have a wood porch railing and it’s up to code, you can give it a fresh coat of paint. White is always a great color for any porch railing to give it a classic look. This is a paint job that can easily be completed in a weekend and you can do yourself.

You can also replace wood spindles with metal or wrought iron for a contemporary look. While it seems like an easy task, this may take a little more work on your end if you plan to DIY and get it done right. You may want to contact a contractor if you are unsure of how to complete it properly.

Front Porch Lighting Ideas

Another feature you’ll want on your front porch for both safety and style is lighting. It’s important if you plan on enjoying your front porch in the evening or simply so you can see your entryway. There are many styles to choose from based on your taste. Read Front Porch Lighting Ideas for more inspiration.

Front Porch Furniture Ideas

Once you’re sure that your front porch is in great condition, you can begin including the decorative elements that are sure to make it your favorite place to be. Furniture is a must if you intend on enjoying it. Unlike decks, front porches usually only require a chair or two, accompanied by a small table if there’s space. Most homeowners save big, outdoor meals for their decks rather than their porch. Wooden rocking chairs gives a classic, farmhouse look to any front porch, not to mention comfort.

Let’s not forget about the classic porch swing. There are many sizes, so you can even include one on your small front porch.  If a swing isn’t for you, try a bench to save space.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Don’t let a small front porch keep you from decorating! You can add little touches that pop with any size deck. Throw pillows and cushions can be used to add a touch of color that will stand out. Outdoor rugs in your favorite pattern are the perfect addition to make the porch feel a little cozier.

Since you’re decorating an outdoor space, plants should be used when possible to decorate. Plant stands and large planters can be placed on your front porch with flowers that add pops of color where you want it most. If you don’t have enough space on your front porch for a plant stand, use a plant box that fits on your porch railing.

Fall Front Porch Ideas

Fall Front Porch Ideas

One of my favorite times of year to decorate is the fall. With the crisp and cool fall weather, you’ll want to change the look to match the season. Change out the flowers in your planters with ornamental grasses or mums, two foliage options that are hardy in the changing fall weather. Use shades of red, orange and brown and replace the bright colors you may have used in spring and summer. You’ll have the perfect space to enjoy a hot cup of apple cider on a breezy fall day.

Of course, let’s not forget about everyone’s fall decoration; pumpkins. Various sizes and colors can be used strategically on your porch and entryway to welcome fall visitors.

Christmas Front Porch Ideas

Christmas Front Porch Ideas

Most homeowners choose not to use their front porches in the winter. After all, it’s too cold to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Cover all porch furniture or store them for the season to protect them from the elements.

However, a front porch is the perfect stage for holiday decorations. Decorate a mini Christmas tree in the center, adorning the railings with lights and garland. If you’re able, use your planters to hold green and red foliage during the winter months.


A front porch is a versatile space that should be enjoyed. Always consider safety first when using your porch, making sure all boards and railings are in good condition. Decorating for the seasons can help you enjoy your porch even more. The possibilities are endless!